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More than any other, uses of automotive components are subjected to extreme and changing environmental conditions.

As part of an ongoing technology development, to improve the quality and reliability of its components, the automotive industry implements environmental tests to reproduce the most extreme environmental conditions.

For the qualification or reliability tests of your solutions and equipments, CLIMATS offers its environmental simulation know-how and technologies.

Resistance and ageing tests of your products

You can test the behavior, resistance and ageing of your products by simulating extreme environments conditions such as :

Consult our range envionmental test chamber here !

Mechanical and environmental stresses tests

such as :


Ageing tests standards

Our environmental simulation solutions enable you to realise your tests within a regulative and normative framework. Among ageing tests standards, you can carry out :

  • PSA : D1701058 ; D47 1309; B21 7130 ; B21 7120 ; etc.
  • RENAULT : 36-05-019 ; etc.
  • VOLKSWAGEN : VW80101; PV 2005; PV 1200 ; etc.
  • BMW : GS 97014-3 ; etc.
  • GM/OPEL : GMW 3172 ; ICE 60068-2-30 ; ICE 60529 ; etc.


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