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Legal information

In accordance with the article article 6 III-1 of the French law n° 2004-575 of june 21st 2004 for the confidence in the digital economy, this page displays the imprint and the general terms of use of the website.

Website editor :

The present website is the exclusive property of Weiss Technik France

  • Registered at the Registry of the Commercial Court of Pontoise under the number 320 089 394
  • Head office : Parc Arobase - 73 avenue du gros chêne - 95615 Cergy Pontoise Cedex - France
  • VAT n° : FR 10320089394
  • SIRET : 320 089 394 00052
  • APE : 2825 Z
  • email : sales@climats-tec.com
  • Telephone : +33 5 56 20 25 25

Publication director :

The director of publication is Régis PERRAUX, as Sales and Marketing Director.

Hosting, creation and webmarketing :

375 avenue de Tivoli
33110 Le Bouscat
Telephone : +33 5 57 19 65 00

Personal data

The personal data acquired via the website www.climats-tec.com are collected and handled in conformity with the French law n°78-17 of january 6th 1978, the Data Protection and Privacy Act.

The data processing manager is the website editor as identified above.

Personal data collected via www.climats-tec.com are exclusively intended for the website editor. By continuing your visit to this site, you are agree to the use of audiance measurement cookies (Google Analytics). The site uses cookies to make statistics of frequentations and to propose you a better targeting.

The purpose of these data is the processing of the messages received via the website www.climats-tec.com.
Collected data could also be used to send advertissement and newsletters from the the website, and from its partners as long as the visitor agrees.

In accordance with the above law, the visitor has a right to access, modify, delete any of his/her personal data. To exercise this right, the visitor need to address a request  :

  • by email to  sales@climats-tec.com
  • or by mail to : CLIMATS - Website management - Technopole Bordeaux Montesquieu- 2-4 Allée Jacques Latrille- 33650 MARTILLAC- France

The visitor has also a right to object the data collection. The visitor is however informed that the data provided by forms on the website www.climats-tec.com and identified as required are necessary for CLIAMTS to process and answer the received messages. Therefore, the messages could not be processed if these data are not provided by the visitor.

Cookies : (if you use them)

The visitor is informed that, while visiting the website, a cookie can automatically be sent to his/her browser.

The cookie is a data block that cannot identify users but which is used to store data about the website browsing.

The browser setting enables to inform of the presence of cookie and, eventually, to reject it as described on the CNIL website (www.cnil.fr).

The visitor has a right to access, remove and modify personal data communicated via cookies under the abovementioned conditions.

Intellectual property

The website located at the address www.climats-tec.com is the property of Weiss Technik France company.

This website, as all texts, pictures, photographs, illustrations, logos inside, are subject to copyright and other legislation for the protection of private property.

The use by the visitor of the website www.climats-tec.com is exclusively for a private use -  the right of use by the visitor being limited to the consultation of the information on the website.

Any use, reproduction, total or partial download of the website www.climats-tec.com, or one of its texts, images, photographs illustrations, logos elements without the agreement of its owner or the holder of the rights is therefore forbidden, with the exception of the private copy realized for personal use and not commercial.

Any breach of the present article may be punished by law, especially under counterfeiting and will lead, if necessary, to the payment of damages.