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Energy Saving

10 years of continuous research and development have culminated in the developement of a revolutionary feature for protecting the environment.

Climats takes up the challenge to reduce the energy consumption of evey produced equipments. 


Unique on the market...

The Energy Saving control mode, in Spirale vision, innovates by allowing you to reduce and strictly control your power consumption, your cooling water consumption and reduces the demand on different refrigerant components Climats speakers to further increase reliability.

 A saving of at least  40% can be made on the electrical consumption of your typical cycles.

You reduce over 40% operating coasts on a typical cycle consumption of your typical cycle which represents an annual gain of between 890€ to 5 550€ depending on your machine type.

Evaporators "new generation", optimizing the management of compressors and adapting work plans of the different components are all the technicals on which this base mode of operation that meets the requirements Climats in terms of reliability, adaptability and technicality.

Constantly watches and optimizes the electrical consumption. By a simple click, you can knaw the energy consumption during an operation in progess or for the whole test.

You can monitor the instant electrical consumption of the chamber during the test or check the total consumption for the whole test.
Data processing power enable us as well to associate with the Energy Saving mode a reduction of the stress of the different components involved in the refrigeration production (solenoid valves, compressors, fans and etc.).

The results of these advances are easily and practically palpable through the M.M.I (Man-Machine-Interface) SPIRALE VISION that allows you to :

  • measure
  • save
  • constantly and visualize electricity consumption of your speakers and therefore the energy cost of your tests.

Reduced water consumption for the cooling system also constitutes a new environmental breakthrough.


A strong commitment for our planet...

 The inducced reduction in cooling system water consumption is also a new environmental progress.

This energy reduction is also a reduction of the cooling liquid consumption, noise reduction and CO2 emission reduction.

Even more reliable

A new regulation systeme has been developed, incorporating feedback from our customers and our research on ecological advances. So, the Energy Saving mode helps to significantly reduce the load on the various components involved in refrigeration (solenoid valves, compressors and fans).

Spirale Vision autonomously and optimally manages the production of cold and heat.