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General presentation

Climats leader 


Manufacturer-Designer over 45 years, Climats develops test chambers of high technicality. Originally centred on the aeronautical tests, Climates knew how to widen its fields of expertise and adapt itself to multiple fields of application.

Historically attached to the know-how and to the innovation of Climats, our customers come from domains so varied as automotive, aeronautics, space, electronics, test laboratories, research or Defence.


Subsidiary of the global leader in environmental simulation, Climats is integrated into the Schunk group :
Schunk is a world-wide industrial group, made up of autonomous companies, presents in 29 countries with more than 8000 collaborators for > 980 million euros overturn.
Today, Schunk activities are focused on the following markets :

  • carbon technology and ceramics,
  • environmental simulation technology and climate technology,
  • sintered metal technology and ultrasonic welding technology.

The Schunk Group is a technology leader in these fields.

The Schunk Group is built on the Ludwig Schunk Foundation principles, which are :

  • Maintaining independence and sustainable growth
  • Acting in the interests of our customers and partners
  • Appreciating individuality and respecting diversity

In total adequacy with these values, Climats positions durably as the climatic reference on the national territory and commits to a strong will of expansion on the international level with the assistance of its representatives.

The 6 essential commiments of Climats







Industrial management

The Climats team consists of 70 persons, dedicated to the whole design and manufacturing of  tests chambers, and benefits from a surface of 4000 m² of workshop located in France near Bordeaux.

Climats delivers about 300 environmental test chambers a year, divided of standard chambers and customized chambers.
Climats is organized according to an industrial management of Manufacturing Ressources Planning (MRP2) type and manages its resources with the software SAP.