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Spirale Vision

An attractive and impressive graphical interface for an ultra-sophisticated regulator, developed thanks to ours years of experimentation in climatic.

A remarkable ergonomics

  • Pictograms and control panels with clear and argued display.
  • Integrated multi-languages format software, without restart.
  • Graphics of great sharpness.

Facility of use

  • A 15 inch capacitive multitouch panel PC with SSD menory.

SPIRALE VISION : beyond a supervision system...

SPIRALE VISION meets all your expectations :

  • an accurate and reliable piloting system : real time interaction with multi-sensors data and optimized regulation algorithms. 
  • A complete software suite adapted to the needs of operators (programmes editor, tests archiving and exportation) and of maintenance staff (CLIMATS exclsive AUTOTEST, embedded maintenance indicators, explicit information about the chamber permanent status) .
  • A completely open system, enabling to develop automatisms (User SCRIPT, CLIMATS exclusivity) or to integrate other data (complementary acquisition systems), to upgrade the chamber to a real test bench.    

Control panel with 3 user levels

You choose the most suitable interface : production, laboratory, advanced tests :

  • "Production" mode, simple, clear and functional
  • "Standard" mode, a multi-purpose panel gathering all the functionalities required for the optimum exploitation of the equipment
  • "Laboratory" mode, oriented to advanced tests combining external means.

Accessed to temperature and humidity parameters below :

  • mini-maxi safety
  • calibration
  • traking alarme
  • product probe regulation
  • delayed start function
  • manual mode / program / salve

Direct display :

  • of the remaining
  • of the elapsed time
  • of the test end date

Advanced tests management : additional measurements and complex automatisms.

Control system integrating the reference M.M.I. (Man-Machine Interface)

Your control panel and all of the components (test manager, program editor, etc.) benefit from remarkable ergonomics : a new user interface, instantaneous multilingual switch, ease of use, attention to detail and optimised design for use of the touch screen.

Easy drawing profiles

The programmes editor ProgWin benefits from numerous improvements :

  • An actualized user interface
  • The touch-screen enables you to draw your profiles with a finger or a stylus
  • a built-in tutorial for creation your profile by segment or graphic programs
  • creating programs from your desktop or directly on the machine, enven during the courses of a test
  • Wait-for exclusive feature which guarantee the time of the next segment by optimizing the duration of your tests.
ProgWin offers you all possible programming and covers all your needs.


A traceability of your tests :

  • a Cycle Win recording function
  • a save files automaticly
  • an extract datas in original or csv file, by USB or network (Ethernet)
  • an add directly comments in the test record


A smart maintenance :

  • the autotest, EXCLUSIVE features
  • Multi set point calibration table
  • preventive maintenance for coponents, by planning and alarms
  • on-board notice and tutorial
  • default list with explanations and corrective actions

Camera Option

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