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Chamber for test on battery

Spirale vision

Environmental chamber to carry out thermal tests on batteries of all types.


For these very particular tests on sensitive products, the human safeties as well as products safeties are widely taken into account and solutions are offered according to the risks involved.

In case of a possible leak of the tested element :

  • Mini - Maxi temperature safety independent of the regulation
  • Door electromagnetic locking device
  • Nickel-plating protection of the evaporator
  • Cabinet protection against chemical attack
  • Retention tray for produit runoffs

In case of a possible degassing of the tested element :

  • Air renewal system
  • Door electromagnetic locking device

In case of a possible smoke, fire or flame of the tested element :

  • Smoke detection
  • Gas detection
  • Flame detection
  • Visual alarm
  • Audible alarm
  • Extinction by gas

In case of a possible explosion of the tested element :

  • Inerting by nitrogen flush controlled by Spirale Vision
  • O2 rate analyser
  • Explosive gas detector
  • Controlled relief valve or rupture disc
  • Air exhaust duct

It is possible to combine all four solutions