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Environmental chamber for tensile creep test bench

Spirale vision
Energy saving

This environmental chamber enables you to process any type of test tubes in condition of mechanical creep.

You can carry out characterization of materials in temperature - humididity under constraint of very accurate mechanical stress.
These types of creep constraint tests include cycle duration from 6 month to 1 year without interruption. 
Thus you can validate materials ageing by their degradation or their alteration.


Temperature range

  • from -10°C to +100°C

Humidity range

  • from 10 to 95%, limited by a -5°C dewpoint


  • Volume : on request and from 150 dm³
  • Door with a heated viewing window and a front opening assisted by electric jack. Remote command
  • Air distribution by double flow
  • Fixed ventilation
  • Humidity management by thermostat-controlled bath and dryer
  • Machinery functioning on Energy Saving mode with electric consumption optimization of the whole test equipment.
  • Piloting system SPIRALE VISION with regulation on the tested product

Dimensions (mm) W D H
Useful 1800 500 650
Overall 2000 1150 850


  • Dewpoint < -10°C
  • Water cooling
  • Special portholes
  • Light column
  • Air or water condensation