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Rain spraying chamber

Spirale vision

This chamber is made of a cabinet that includes 3 dinstinct devices, enabling watertightness tests according to procedures described in standards of the main automobile manufacturers.

The 3 functioning modes are defined according to the wanted sprinkling type :

  • Nozzle mode
  • Ramp mode
  • Half Ring mode

To each mode correspond a type of test and a specific assembly of the samples to test.

The water used for the sprinkling is recycled thanks to a retention tank. Fillings and drainings are automatic.

Each different type of test is entirely piloted by the software Spirale 3 from the command unit with tactile screen.


(according to the functioning mode)

  • Flow rate from 0 to 5 l/min
  • Pressure from 0 to 10 bar


Dimensions (mm) W D H
Useful sample 200 200 200
Inside 1000 1000 1000


  • 35° solid cone
  • Samples vertical holder with adjustable distance (450 to 600 mm)


  • Swinging ramp from -45 to +45° (in 4 s) equipped with 29 holes of 0,5 mm
  • Samples plate holder (200 x 200 mm) with programmable slope from 0 to 90°

Half Ring

  • Double half ring of 800 mm diameter forming a 140° angle and equipped with 50 swivelling nozzles with straight spray
  • Samples plate holder (200 x 200 mm) with programmable slope from 0 to 90°


  • Inside cabinet automatic lighting with adjustable delayed cut-off
  • Cabinet overflow safety by level sensor
  • Waterproof PC casing and electrical casing
  • Removable engine safety hoods for maintenance access
  • Easy maintenance supported by Spirale capabilities
  • "All stainless steel" mechanical devices allowing dismantling and adjusting
  • Automatisms (Engines, Ramp and Plate) ensured by programmable variators enabling accuracy, reliability and potential evolutions
  • Variator programming software embedded in the chamber computer

Spirale vision

Our piloting software Spirale vision controls continuously all your tests...