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Chamber for heat pump testing

Spirale vision
Energy saving

Heat pump testing chambers belong to the modular chambers test equipment family. They are meant for characterization of heat pumps and associated equipments. We offer you a comprehensive serie of tests for every firms that produce and sell heat pump.

 These chambers enable :
  • the characterization of thermodynamic materials linked to renewable energies. 
  • to control performance of heat pump according to outside conditions within a wide range of temperature and humidity. These controls are carried out according to manufacturers requirements.
  • to test every types of heat pumps (for domestic heating or water heating) : REVERSIBLE, INVERTER or "ALL-OR-NOTHING".
Modular chambers meant for heat pumps enable to carry out the following standards :
  • NF PAC
  • EN 255-3 (domestic hot water storage)
  • EN 14511-2 (definition of test conditions)



  • Temperature range : from -40°C to +60°C
  • Humidity range : from 10% to 98% HR and from -7°C to +50°C limited by a -10°C dewpoint
  • Absorbed dissipation power : 35 kW
  • Air speed control : variation of 25 at 60 Hz


Test volumes : on request, from 3m³

The air is delivered through an air blowing plenum with a flow rectifier.

The ventilation system can varied for a speed below 1,5m/s.

Vous benefit from the "Energy saving" technology that enables you to reduce the electrical consumption of your test equipment.

Your chamber is piloted by the piloting software SPIRALE VISION, with a regulation on the tested product.

Dimensions (mm) W D H
Useful 4100 2500 3000
Overall 3800 4300 3630


Among the possible options, you will find :

  • dewpoint below -10°C
  • air dryer
  • special portholes
  • average regulation on several probes
  • air or water condensation
  • water cooling system