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ESS EXCAL² range

Spirale vision
Energy saving

The EXCAL² range represents the whole Climats's expertise in 8 standard test volumes.

You can olso optimize your environmental test chamber by combining standard accessories and measuring devices.

Find the options, as a camera or a barcode reader  …


  • Extreme temperatures (model T) : from -90°C to +250°C
  • Humidity tests (model H) : HR from 5% to 98% (for temperatures from +10°C to +90°C)
  • An unparalleled high performance panel : from 0.5°C/min to 25°C/min
Useful volume (L) L (mm) P (mm) H (mm) Minimum Temp.(°C) Maximum Temp. (°C)
140 540 400 700 -35 à -70 +180 (+250 as option)
220 540 600 700 -30 à -80 +180 (+250 as option)
400 700 650 900 -30 à -85 +180 (+250 as option)
540 700 850 900 -30 à -85 +180 (+250 as option)
770 900 950 900 -35 à -90 +180 (+250 as option)
1000 1000 1000 1000 -30 à -85 +180 (+250 as option)
1400 1150 1100 1120 -30 à -85 +180 (+250 as option)
1800 1150 1500 1120 -30 à -85 +180 (+250 as option)


EXCAL integrates the reference control system SPIRALE VISION

The new control panel benefits from the latest industrial innovations :

  • swivelling panel PC equipped with Windows 7
  • 15" capacitive multitouch screen, IP66
  • SSD memory
  • 2 USB ports and a network connection in front of the chamber with an automatic detection

Connections : 

Attentive to the user comfort and driven by our desire to continuously improve our products, we have created a space entirely dedicated to your connections. A panel positioned on the side of the chamber is provided for this purpose.

As standard, you have :

  • a safety socket
  • a thermal fuse
  • status indicators
  • 4 dry contacts that can be configured in SPIRALE VISION 

Other innovations :

  • 2 mobile sensors for closer regulation of yours products
  • an RS232 connector
  • 4 analogical inputs/outputs that can be configured in SPIRALE VISION 
  • an Ethernet connection to control your chamber remotely

EXCAL also has :

  • Large window
  • Halogen inside light
  • Shelves and racks
  • 2 side portholes of 100 mm diameter with soft silicone stoppers
  • Centralized inputs-outputs
  • Chamber on casters
  • Safety socket (as an option)



Among the 80 options of EXCAL² range, you will find :

  • the ability to integrate a camera to visualise your tests in real time and archive them
  • a barcode reader

Climats always offers you many fittings, such as …

 Organise the structure of your chamber

  • Creation of customized portholes with the integration of additional portholes on the sides, ceiling, door and even in the window (diameters between 80 and 200 mm).
  • Integration of specific customer windows, connectors or sensors adapted to your requirements.
  • Integration of notched cabinet portholes to connect products before inserting them into the cabinet.
  • Increased loading capacity for each level using reinforced shelves.
  • Increased loading capacity placed on the base of the test space.
  • Reversible door opening

Make your tests safe ...

  • Make them even safer with a safety switch.
  • Make your tests safe thanks to the MINI MAXI electronic temperature safety unit on separate PT100 sensor.
  • Sensor-controlled door opening status indicator.
  • Pre-installation of an emergency stop to be interfaced with your benches.
  • Integration of dedicated thermal fuses.
  • Variator to select the fan speed.
  • Securing of your high power cables via the 10/16A safety socket.
  • Air dryer to prevent the formation of humidity by sweeping with dry air or nitrogen.

To improve the chamber's environment 


  • Integration of an audible warning device on event or alarm.
  • 3-colour tower light.
  • Integration of a demineralised water tankfor for humidity tests.
  • Reinforced machinery soundproofing.
  • Installation of a an additional chiller to ensure cooling of the installation.

 To developp your tests...

  •  Relative humidity sensor for measuring or regulating
  • PT100 data acquisition  card or thermocouple
  • Additional data acquisition units.
  • Specific operating mode development : regulation on the average of serveral sensors, incoming regulation information on dry contact, START & STOP for regulation and ventilation when taking measurements.
  • Specific digital communication such as IEEE 488, and 0/10V analogue control.
  • Remote Panel PC to control your peripherals remotely.
  • Supports MODUS communication accessories.

Do not hesitate to contact us so we can discuss your needs with you. We will always find a way to meet your requirements. 

Spirale vision

All the Excal² environemental test chambers are requipped with the new Spirale Vision software. More ergonomic, more intuitive, you can manage your machine efficiently.

Choose the most suitable level of use: production level, standard level, laboratory level.

With Spirale Vision you can control your equipment from an extra-large 15" touch screen.

Always available: recording mode, program editing and remote control via internet.

The supervision function lets you manage all your eequipment from one workstation.