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ESS - Extreme 320

Spirale vision

Very compact and powerful environmental chamber intended for Rapid Change of Temperature tests on electronic boards.

Climats beats back again the limits of change of temperature rates.
Experience and innovation are gathered in a concentrate of technology and power.


Temperature range

  • from +180°C to -90°C
    (from +200°C to -100°C as an option)

Speed variation 
a few test results :

  • above 40°C/min average from +160°C to -20°C or from +80°C to -20°C in other words less than 3 min
  • above 30°C/min average from +160°C to -40°C or from +80°C to -40°C in other words less than 4 min
  • above 20°C/min average from +160°C to -65°C or from +80°C to -65°C in other words less than 8 min
  • above 15°C/min average from +160°C to -80°C or from +80°C to -80°C in other words less than 11 min
  • above 25°C/min linear from +80°C to -30°C
  • above 20°C/min linear from +80°C to -40°C
  • above 15°C/min linear from +80°C to -50°C

Temperature homogeneity

  • between ±0,5°C and ±1,5°C within the range
  • same stability than standard chambers, in other words ±0,3°C, in spite of the high embedded power


Its little space requirement (less than 2,5 m²), in association with a reinforced sound proofing, allows it to be easily installed in a laboratory without a particular logistic.

The 320 dm3 test cabinet has been specifically studied to improve exchanges.

The ventilation rates are above  2 m/s and the regulation can be done directly on the product.

Dimensions (mm) L P H
Useful 750 500 850
Overall 1170 2000 1977


Thanks to a simple refrigerating circuit adaptation, the Extreme 320 reaches -100°C without energy overcost of LN2 or CO2 type.
You can obtain this level of performance on request.