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    Bi-climatic chamber of 19m3 This bi-climatic chamber is part of a range...
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    The camera option to record your tests!


    To develop your tests, equip your equipment with the camera option. It makes it possible to make and record shots from inside the test cabinet during the tests.

    To prevent reverberation, we equip the window of your chamber with an adjustable support, dressed with a blackout curtain.

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    For our customers in testing laboratories SOPEMEA and SOPAVIB, we have produced two climatic chambers for the execution of Cold-Hot-Humid cycles, controlled by our SPIRALEVISION software.

    Temperature range from -65°C to + 150°C with speed variation of 2°C/min linear to -40°C

    Volume greater than 9 m3 including a useful height of 2800 mm !