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Bi-climatic chamber of 19m3

On 20 May 2021

Bi-climatic chamber of 19m3

This bi-climatic chamber is part of a range of equipment aimed at better understanding the degradation of materials at sea and their monitoring by instrumentation. This range of equipment is unique in France and will allow our client to meet the challenges of Renewable Marine Energies but also the adaptation of port structures or large coastal bridges to major changes.

This equipment is intended to perform climatic temperature and humidity tests on structural components of a size of about 0.5 meters to a few meters.

Caracteristics :

  • A temperature range from -30°C to +150°C
  • A useful volume of 19m3
  • A cooling rate of 2°C/min average from + 120°C to -20°C according to IEC 60068-3-5
  • A cooling rate of +85°C to -20°C higher than 2.5°C/min average with 500kg load
  • Controlled by SPIRALE VISION


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