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Rain Test chamber

Spirale vision

This one-piece chamber meets the requirements of the MIL-STD-810F standard (method 506.4) which defines laboratory tests intended to certify materials of military use, as well as civilian, against environmental damages due to water.

Within the scope of watertightness tests described in the standard, the chamber reproduces conditions of rain with wind up to 18m/s according to the Procedure I, as well as conditions of rain and calm air according to the Procedure III.


Dimensions (mm) L P H Ø
Useful sample --- ---- 600 500
Inside 700 750 700 ----
Overall 2760 1792 2125 ----

Procedure I : Rain and blowing rain

  • Wind mode : ventilation loop associated with 18m/s wind velocity setpoint within the scope of the standard, and up to 30m/s
  • Blowed Rain mode, associated with the Wind mode : water injected in the air flow from the swivelling and adjustable blades

Procedure III : Drip

Use of a rain tank on the ceiling of the cabinet, equipped with 900 nozzles calibrated to generate standard water droplets

  • Heavy Rain mode : high rainfall rate (17mm/min)
  • Light Rain mode : low rainfall rate (8mm/min)

Electric spinning plate

  • Diameter 500mm
  • 2 probes for the product temperature measurement
  • 6 wires (24V, 5A max) for the product power supply and controls
  • Plate rotation programmable by quarter turn via the software (360° rotation)


  • Test cabinet in stainless steel
  • Frame in aluminium profile, shafts and sheets in stainless steel
  • Door opening safety
  • Inner cabinet light : adjustable waterproof spotlight
  • Waterproof cabinet for PC and electric board
  • Removable motor protective casings for maintenance access
  • Easy maintenance based on Spirale 3 possibilities
  • Access to the rentention tank for cleaning, to refrigerating components, to pumps and valves, to filters (by removable trapdoor)
  • Automatisms (Plate) by programmable variators-encoders ensuring accuracy, reliabity and potential evolutions
  • Encoder programming software embedded in the chamber PC