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Secure chamber for tests with kerosene

Spirale vision

Secure Hot - Cold chamber to carry out tests with tanks filled up with kerosene.

The chamber aims to characterize the tank and all its sub-assemblies : kerosene supply circuit, temperature, pressure, valves, etc.

These tanks can be found in civil or military aviation, like in helicopters.


Temperature range

  • from -70°C to +180°C

Speed variation

  • 10°C/min average from +70°C to -55°C, with an equivalent of 30 kg aluminium and 1 kW of permanente dissipation

Realized standard

  • Military and civil aviation standard MIL-DO 160


  • Low-powered resistors
  • Fluorosilicone gaskets
  • Skin temperature measurements of electric resistors
  • Nitrogen inerting, high and low flow
  • Door opening safety
  • Oxygen concentration sampling and measurement unit in the test cabinet via an electro-chemical cell
Dimensions (mm) W D H
Useful 1000 1000 1000
Overall 1610 2100 2270