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Two cabinets thermal shock chamber with 270°C

On 01 July 2021

Two cabinets thermal shock chamber with 270°C

For our customers and manufacturers of sensors and connectors in aeronautics, or automobile, we design a horizontal thermal shock chamber. A basket containing the product to be tested moves alternately from a cold cabinet to a hot cabinet, in less than 10 seconds. This movement thus reveals the possible defects of the product and allows to determine its service life.

The particularity of this climatic chamber is the horizontal displacement of the basket, between the hot cabinet at very high temperature, going up to + 270°C, and the cold cabinet. With a volume of 66 liters, it covers a wide temperature range, from -70°C to +270°C.

  • Cold cabinet temperature range : -70°C to +180°C
  • Hot cabinet temperature range : +80°C to +270°C
  • Typical cycle : 10 cycles -70 / 270°C with 30 minutes of step over each temperature with 50 kg load
  • Driven by our SPIRALE VISION HMI

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