CLIMATS's commitments in terms of expertise and innovation resulted in the design of a new simulation solution that meets our customers' requirements.

This equipement is specifically designed for the optimal irradiation of various samples.

As, in our cutomers' applications, a wide range of products are subject to solar simulation such as polymer and plastic and mettalic automotive components, defence and aerospace devices, and several electronic boards and systems, the reliability of the raw material, coatings and assemblies must be tested with chambers able to reproduce the most severe and extreme conditions.

To meet these standards, Climats' Precision Solar Simulation chambers are equipped with our reliable premium features combined with the best modular solar irradiation unit, powered with Atlas Sunlight Technology.



  • Spirale Vision


Precision solar simulation Temperature test performance Humidity test performance
With radiation -20°C / +100°C 10% HR / 80% HR on the range +15°C / +80°C
Without radiation -40°C / +120°C 10% HR / 90% HR on the range +10°C /+ 90°C

This environmental climatic chamber customized for irradiation of your samples is able to realise some tests standard as those exemples : 

  •  MIL STD 810 procedure 2 ACTINIC sector of Defence and Aerospace
  • IEC 60068-2-5, sector of Electronic industry
  • CEI 61215 & CEI 61646 -BBA Class-, sector of Photovoltaic industry
  • DIN 75220 , DR 106 , sector of Automotive industry

A wide range of test standards can be achieved upn request.


SPIRALE 3 test record perfectly fit with the MIL-STD 810 Standard


Convenient acces


Our precision solar simulation chambers are available on internal volumes based on Climats EXCAL wide range of chambers.

Larger and customized chambers are available upon request !

According to the large number of existing test standards and configurations, Climats studies all project case by case to deliver the most suitable and unique solution that meets your equipements.

Please send ud your test specifications to reveice a quotation !




Sunlight unit 

 Indoor & Outdoor Total solar spectrum, HMI Lamp with MHG Technology, powered by ATLAS.

The metal halide lamps (HMI tpe lamps) used in our precision solar chamber generate an electric arc with very high brightness and high localized radiation intensity.
Our technology is engineered to simulate all exposure conditions on Earth with irradiance level up to 1 200W/m², keeping the sun spectrum.

Convenient access

Climats has designed the most ergonomic solution allowing the best intensive experience with an industrial & high tech equipment.
A smooth bearing rail system, easily manageable by one operator, offers a very simple acces to the sunlight unit for the installation of  outdoor/indoor additional glass and for general maintenance.

Outdoor filters

 In order to adapt the spectrum, the sunlight unit can host different filters to reach inside/outside conditions and meet all the test specifications requested by your industrial sector.
Neutral wire mesch filters are delivered with the system. A set of 4 different wire meshes is dedicated to each lamp. This system gives you the possibility to optimize the overall irradiation without changing the spectral distribution.

comparison between sun and MHG lamps

Spirale Visionouvrir/fermer

SPIRALE 3, the reference piloting system

Reliable and accurate, SPIRALE 3 is the reference software solution, controlling over 4 000 environmental test chambers and test benches worldwide.

Developed by Climats' engineers for ergonomic and efficient management of your machine, SPIRALE 3 enables you to enjoy all its usual premium features combined combined with a specific specific Sunlight simulation interface.

Temperature, Humidity & Irradiation are thus independently controlled and programmed in only one piloting and regulating software to perfectl fit operators' needs.

Technical documentation