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November 2016


EMAF 2016 : from 23rd to 26th November 2016

With its partner Gravimeta, Climats exhibited in Portugal during the EMAF 2016 tradeshow in Porto, from 23rd to 26th November 2016.

Over four days, the 16th edition of EMAF was back once again to display the groundbreaking solutions and technologies of the future.

EMAF is the largest event from the industrial sector that takes place in Portugal. The participation of the world's leading machinery and equipment companies makes it one of the main fairs in Europe.

Interview with Jaroslaw Pacholski

Jaroslaw Pacholski the manager of Envitest, our local partner in Poland for 8 years was interviewed when he came to Climats this month.

Climats : Why did  you choose Climats as your  partner among all others manufacturers of environmental climatic chambers ?

J.Pacholski : I chose Climats initially because of the technology. The Climats chamber technology is much more sophisticated and highly developed than the other manufacturers. The technical solutions used in Climats chambers impressed me immediately. I was able to see that with its technology Climats eliminated a lot of problems appearing in other machines. The simple cooling technical solutions together with precise parameters give amazing test performance and possibility of remote diagnostics. The last one is a huge advantage for the end user as it reduces service costs significantly.
The second most important reason of my choice was Sprirale system, its interface for the user and quick easy service possibility given by many parameters measured during the test. The system is really intuitive for even single language users. What I was presented 8 years ago was a solution to problems that I met on other chambers. Since that time I am sure I have the best product in my hands and I truly believe in the product I supply to my customers.

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