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January 2016


ADEX Seoul 2015


Thank you for coming and visiting us during the ADEX tradeshow in Seoul on the 20-25 octobre 2015. 



You will be warmingly welcome to visit us on French GIFAS Pavillon.

Climats will be attending the Singapore Airshow 2016 in Changi Exhibition Center, from 16th to 21th February 2016.

New horizontal thermal shock of 1,2 m³

Climats has created a new horizontal thermal shock SCAL 1 200 CTH 10,  of 1,2 m³ basket capacity.

This new thermal shock can achieve 2 distinct ambiences with a horizontal basket transfer. This chamber has been designed in order to run thermal shock tests on products of wide dimensions and heavy weights. 

Indeed, the basket is 1200 mm wide, 1000 mm deep and 1000 mm high.

This basket is sized to withstand 200kg loads.

The transfer time from one ambience to the oher is also noticeable as it is reduced to less than 30 seconds (see the video here).

The hot cabinet enables the temperature to be regulated from +60°C to +200°C. The cold cabinet offers a temperature range from -85°C up to +180°C.

The recovery time of the temperature from one cabinet to the other is only 15 minutes.

This chamber benefits from the latest regulation evolutions by carrying out Environmental Stress Screening (ESS) in the cold cabinet by reaching a performance of 5°C/min from +125°C to -60°C and the other way round.

This chamber is equipped with the Energy Saving mode allowing to activate the Start and Stop mode. Indeed, the hot cold cabinet can reduce the functioning of the refrigerating machinery if the basket is in the hot cabinet. The system automatically resumes before the basket moves to the hot cold cabinet.

This mode of management also enables to use the defrosting mode in the cold cabinet when the basket is in the hot cabinet.

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