Walk-in climatic chambers 9 m3

On 14 October 2020

Walk-in climatic chambers 9 m3

For our customers in testing laboratories SOPEMEA and SOPAVIB, we have produced two climatic chambers for the execution of Cold-Hot-Humid cycles, controlled by our SPIRALEVISION software.

Temperature range from -65°C to + 150°C with speed variation of 2°C/min linear to -40°C

Volume greater than 9 m3 including a useful height of 2800 mm !

During the conception, these environmental test chambers were equipped with :

  • a large heating window,
  • adjustable lighting spots,
  • a reinforced soundproofing of the machinery and
  • rollers to be moved easily.

The test cabinet made of 316L stainless steel sheet support a load of 1000kg/m² and have all the necessary specific passages (notched cabinet portholes, welded passages of different diameters). To meet the demand of our customers, these speakers benefit of specific RAL colors !

Four types of standard tests performed :

Empty chamber according to norm IEC60068-2-30

Empty chamber according to norm IEC60068-3-5

Empty chamber according to norm IEC60068-2-14

Permissible dissipation of 10000 W to -40 ° C and 6000W to -60 ° C


Climats has got a WALK-IN range chambers : WINCAL